We provide Charge back Prevention Plan for Tech Support Industry. A charge back is initiated when a consumer files a dispute with the card-issuing bank, and then the outbound transfer of funds to the merchant for the specific transaction is reversed by the bank and the funds are returned to the consumer.

The biggest challenge in tech support industry is having chargeback,

To avoid such problem, we have a perfect solution to reduce up to 90% of your charge backs. By collecting $20 from your customers you can save your $50-$70 charge back fees plus your sale amount from the gateway provider. We will provide you with a genuine antivirus software named Techefix, developed by our own technical team, valid for 1 year with a unique id number.

You can also download for 30 days FREE trial

You can also buy our antivirus software for $8.00 without the USPS tracking number for 1 yr.

Benefit in using our product

1,  As the customer buys yours support, you can give them a genuine Techefix antivirus software downloadable from your site valid for 1 yr with a certificate physically mailed by postal service ( with a tracking numbers to obtain a customer signature for your proof to provide to your bank if your customer ever file for a charge back.

2,  You can protect your sales amount for example ($299.99-$399.99) as per your sales plan which is hard earned money of yours.

3,  We can save your gateway for the longest period of time which will help to run your business smoothly

4,  You will be registered with our company, if any pop come up with our toll free 1-800-784-6502 number, we will verify that you are a re seller and if necessary we will support the customer 24/7 to avoid any chargeback.

5,  You do not pay this $20 from your sale, customers will pay for this product $20.00

6,  Let see an example, if you hit a sales for around $300 you can tell your customers the total amount for the sales amount is $320.00

7,  Then the customer will ask why this $20 extra charge ? Sir/Madam this is for shipping and handling of our software

8,  So then you can tell them we are giving you a Antivirus software value of $69.99 for free and sending this anti-virus software certificate from our New York USA office to your home address by US postal services(, so when you receive this certificates please accept and sign for it.

By this process, you can make them believe that your office is located in the USA and your sales is genuine to avoid any charge back.

If you want you can become our Master Re-Seller, there is a special discount for you.

To avail our services please write us back on this email id, you can call us on 1-518-754-6200 or find us on Skype : techefix123

**Please find the sample of authentic certificate of Techefix and receipt from in attachment.


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